Sun, shades and skincare!

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Sun, shades and skincare!

There’s been a lot of nice weather recently and we’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll see even more in the coming weeks. The sunshine’s been great: we’ve spent plenty of time in the garden, had some socially-distanced BBQs and topped up our staycation tans! However, all this sunshine has got us thinking about our skincare – are we doing enough? 

We’re used to lathering on the sunscreen as we sunbathe by the pool abroad, but at home, we tend to think makeup will protect us, particularly if the bottle says it contains SPF. 

Luckily, Boots UK have read our minds, and written a helpful article on whether SPF in cosmetics protects our skin. To make things easier, we’ve picked out some key points from the article which are worth remembering:

  • You need SPF protection all year round, even when taking a stroll in November!
  • Just because you’re not sweating, doesn’t mean the sun’s not causing damage.

  • The amount of SPF added to makeup is not enough to protect us completely, it is simply there as added protection. That means you need to wear sunscreen too!
  • Also, the SPF in make-up isn’t as long lasting as sunscreen.

The good news is however, if you don’t like wearing sunscreen in winter, there are cosmetics which are specifically designed with skincare in mind and you can find them all at Boots! Here’s a quick look at a few:

Nip + Fab Post-Glycolic Fix Moisturiser

This lightweight, oil-free cream contains SPF30 and witch hazel to help soothe the skin after exfoliation.

Boots L;ft Good Morning SPF15 Day Moisturising Cream

This little pot of goodness helps make skin appear firmer and contains SPF15 to prep your skin for the day ahead.

Olay Regenerist Whip Light As Air Moisturiser SPF30

It’s light as air, has a matte finish and contains SPF30 and SolarSheer Technology.

To find out about more protective cosmetics, or to read the full article by Boots, click here

P.S. When that sunshine comes back this summer, don’t forget to lather on that sunscreen!

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