Costa Coffee is with you all the way

ByNicole Burton

Costa Coffee is with you all the way

Missing Costa Coffee? We sure do! We’ve handpicked just a few of our highlights to help brighten up your week and keep us together when we can’t all be together. From feel-good fixes, like how to master great homemade coffee, to how the community is making use of their garden shed, everything you need it right here.

Make iced latte you’ll love

First on the list is the complete guide to make the perfect iced latte you’ll love. With days getting brighter and days getting longer, Costa Coffee has shared their expert tips on how to make delicious iced latte – the easy way! Watch their simple steps YouTube video to find the hint and tricks to always make it extra special. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL VIDEO 









Take a trip to Costa Coffee, in your garden!

With the kids still off school, it can be hard to keep them entertained and you sain! We LOVE how families across the UK have created their own costa coffee shops to take a visit to. Get creative this week and turn your house into its very own Costa Coffee shop! Decorate your own sign, write your own menu and even bake your own chocolate chip muffins! BBCGoodfood has a delicious recipe, CLICK HERE  TO VIEW THE RECIPE





But how do they make it taste so good?

Ever wondered how Costa create their coffee? We’d like to reveal a few secrets. From coffee’s discovery to the ways we harvest their beans today and make the perfect selection for slow roasting, the history of coffee might surprise you.

The coffee you know and enjoy has travelled A LONG way to reach your cup. Coffee is most often grown in the tropics, in places like Brazil, Ethiopia and Colombia. Young coffee plants are raised in nurseries and, when they are about a year old, are transplanted into the main plantation on the coffee growing estate where they are nurtured for five years.

After this, the plants begin to grow fruit called ‘coffee cherries’. It is the seed (or bean) of these ripe, red cherries that’s used for roasting and producing the coffee beans we recognise.












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