Safe shopping at Swan Centre

As more of our shops have reopened their doors, we want to remind you that your safety and well-being continue to be our top priority.

As part of Swan Centre’s ongoing commitment to health and safety procedures, we’ve taken several precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus such as an increased frequency of cleaning regimes, especially at ‘touch points’ such as door handles, toilets and hard surfaces.

We have installed a range of signage to help make shopping an easy and safe experience for everyone. There are various window vinyls installed to ensure customers are informed and aware of changes in the centre –  including floor lily pads to support safe queuing and hands free hand sanitiser stations.  The Swan Centre toilets are now open and in operation with enhanced cleaning and foot openers on each door. Customers are encouraged to make some small changes to their shopping habits including using card or contactless only and always remaining a safe distance apart.

Please check our shop opening hours here. 

When visiting Swan Centre, it may look a little different from normal. There will be new rules to adhere to, but don’t worry. We have put together some FAQs for you to read before visiting the centre so that you know what to expect.


Q: Is Swan Centre open?

A: Yes, Swan Centre is open Monday – Saturday | 9.00am – 5.30pm | Sunday | 10.00am – 4.00pm


Q: What is open at Swan Centre?

A: Please keep an eye on our website for details of the stores that are open as this will change regularly in line with government regulations and retailers’ own policies.


Q: Are all entrances in the centre open?

A: Yes. All entrances are open, but we encourage all our customers to stay social distancing.


Q: Is social distancing in place in the centre?

A: Yes. Please make sure you keep social distance from other shoppers while visiting Swan Centre. There will be a queuing system in place for shops. If possible come early or late to avoid the busy periods.


Q: Is the car park open?

A: Yes. Our car park is currently free of charge. In busy periods, please use the stairway out of the car park near the Sainsbury’s lifts. At the bottom on the staircase turn left and this will lead you back into the centre.


Q: Are the toilets open? 

A:  Yes. From the 15th June, our public toilets will be open. However, we have limited the number of cubicles open, installed social distancing signage, foot openers and have enhanced the cleaning to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and ensure social distancing rules are followed.


Q: Is the public seating still available at the moment?

A: The benches in the open are in use, but limited to one household at a time.


Q: Have you increased cleaning at Swan Centre?

A: Yes. We have a new cleaning regime that ensures that the centre is regularly sanitised.


Q: Have you got a sanitiser station at Swan Centre?

A: Yes. We have various hands free hand sanitiser stations available for the public to use.


Q: Am I required to wear a face mask when visiting Swan Centre?

A: In accordance with government guidelines, we strongly suggest that you wear a face mask or face covering when visiting Swan Centre.


Q: Can I shop with my family? 

A: If you need to shop with other members of your household, you can do so. However, in a bid to reduce the spread of coronavirus and to enable social distancing to take place, it is advisable that, when possible, you shop alone.


Q: Are the lifts still in use? 

A: Yes. The lifts are in use. Please only use them on your own or with members of your household and prioritise elderly and disabled riders first. In busy periods, please use the stairway out of the car park near the Sainsbury’s lifts.


For the most up to date information on our individual shops and steps we are taking please visit our Facebook page >>

We continue to take daily advice from the relevant authorities and will update customers with any further developments. Everyone who works here has been thoroughly briefed on the steps to take to best keep themselves and customers protected, and we advise all our customers to follow the guidance issued by the Government, its Chief Medical Officer and Public Health England which you can see here