3 easy Easter paper craft activities

ByNicole Burton

3 easy Easter paper craft activities

What better way to celebrate the spring sunshine than creating bright and colourful suncatcher eggs, your own easy carrot baskets AND cute bunny handprint cards!

1. Sun Catcher Easter Eggs –

a. Start by tearing your tissue paper into strips – they can be as thick or thin as you like. Put these to one side.

b. Cut two rectangles of sticky back plastic to the same size. You’ll cut them into egg shapes later…

c. Peel the cover off one rectangle, and start laying the tissue strips across it. There’s no right or wrong way to do this – you might want to be neat, make them overlap, or leave gaps for the light to come through!

d. Remove the cover from the second rectangle, and place this over the tissue paper design. Press to secure, then draw an egg shape and cut it out.

e. Snip off some ribbon, shape it into a loop, and attach to the top of the egg using sticky tape. Now you have the perfect loop for hanging your sun catcher!

Top tip: Don’t just stick to stripes – you can make fun zig-zag patterns and polka dots on your eggs, too. See if you can make each one completely different to the next!

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2. Easy Carrot Baskets –

a. Take a piece of orange paper, and cut it into a large semi-circle shape. Cut the semi-circle in half down the middle, so that you have two quarters.

b. Roll each quarter into a cone shape, and tape into place. You can use glue, if you prefer.

c. Turn it over so the seam is at the back.

d. Cut some green paper into a rectangle strip, then cut this into thinner strips, leaving them secured at the bottom. These are your leaf fronds! Attach this to the inside of the cone, again using tape or glue.

e. Using the orange felt-tip pen, decorate your cone with little squiggles for a life-like carrot effect!

f. Glue the side of the hat together using a glue gun, so that it forms the cone shape. Leave it to dry.

Top tip: Why not add a little carry handle so that it really looks like a basket? Just cut a strip of orange card and attach both ends to the top of the carrot, securing on the inside.

Image via Kids’ Craft Room

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3. Bunny Handprint Cards –

a. Start by selecting your sheet of coloured card and folding it vertically into a card shape.

b. Paint your child’s hand with the washable paint, apart from their thumb.

c. Get them to squeeze their ring finger and little finger together, and their middle and pointer fingers together, to make two ‘bunny ears’.

d. Press down onto the card, and lift away gently.

e. Using a brush, add pink paint for the nose and inside of the ears. Leave to dry.

f. Once dry, draw on eye, mouth whisker details using the Sharpie.

Top tip: You might want to have some kind of snack-based distraction on hand to keep fidgety little ones occupied while they’re waiting for the paint to dry!

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