🐰5 steps to the perfect Easter egg hunt!

ByNicole Burton

🐰5 steps to the perfect Easter egg hunt!

With Easter coming up, we’ve got loads of eggscellent activities for your kids to get involved in, including, yep you’ve guessed it, an Easter egg hunt!

1. Choose the length of the hunt – 

First of all, decide how many clues you’re going to need. It all depends how many little ones you have and how much chocolate is in the house, but we chose ten as a nice even number. We don’t want them eating too much!

2. Get crafty with ideas

Your 10 clues can be as easy or as complicated as you like, depending on the age of your hunters. Where you hide your chocolate will link into each clue you give your little ones. For example, if you’re hiding a clue in the bathroom, the clue to finding it might be: ‘This chocolate just loves a nice hot bath’.


3. Perfect your preparation –

It’ll be great to have some Easter-themed pictures to make the hunt more exciting, think images of chicks, chocolate eggs and bunnies to put up around your home and garden. Kids will love creating these. Arrows with ‘over there!’ written on them are great to place near the chocolate eggs to help your little ones find the treasure.

4. Get hiding the chocolate –

For a really good challenge, use as much of the house as you can – why not hide upstairs and downstairs, and don’t forget to use the garden too – the opportunities are endless!

5. The big finish-

Once each little hunter has their clues and the arrows are all set up in your home and garden, let them get hunting! They could also create their own fun Easter basket to help them carry the eggs they collect. Happy hunting!


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